A Note from Jodie

(This is Jodie -Momma of Murphy and Nate) 

Y’all, I have huge tears running down my cheeks! Happy and proud and so sad all at the same time. My children have worked hard and learned a lot since June on this project of theirs, and we have have such generous and heartfelt support from so many friends -old and new. 

It felt like we could do some good when we took the leap and began Murphy’s Pucker Up by buying a cart and sweating in the garage reading the instructions for a power sander...it felt like more when we met Rev John Daau, Barbara Nelson and the #LifeStraw team in D.C. to put tangible goals in place...but today, TODAY, this project and the purpose behind it became perfectly and very REAL at a completely unexpected moment. 

I opened my email and in my inbox were pictures taken at Good Shepherd Academy today-it is 8:30pm there as I write this. These adorable children are having fun and being silly (as all children are whether in need or not) playing around with stickers I ordered online on a whim one night when I couldn’t sleep. Sweet children that NEED safe drinking water. They know we are working to help them. They know about our efforts and they know my kids’ names. They know about each of you who support this project in your own way and that there are people halfway around the world who care. Look at those smiles. I wish we could do so much more for them, but this is something. It is at least something. 

So if you can help, now is the time. Thank you as always -we are almost there! And I cannot wait to show Murphy and Nate ❤️