Hi, Pucker Up fans! We have some BIG (FOX)News...

The article that appeared in The Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette ( https://www.google.com/…/beaufort-news/article213902464.html ) got the attention of FOXNews national syndicate out of New York. They are flying an anchor and a camera team in to cover the project for a national “feel good” spot on Labor Day Weekend. Murphy and Nate are so excited to further expose and raise funds for the needs of the kids in South Sudan and we have chosen to host the team in Habersham on Aug 25! 

Please help us in two ways if you can:

Join us at our #LemonAid Cart on Saturday, August 25th at 11am at the Habersham Post Office. We will be open for sales and FOX will be filming. Please invite your friends because the more the merrier to support our vital cause. 

Secondly, we want this to be a celebration of success! We need to raise $1250 more to reach the goal of providing safe water for 3-5 years for all 500 students and staff at our first recipient school, Good Shepherd Academy by Sept 1. Safe drinking water for 3-5 years!!! Every dollar helps, so if you are so inclined, we thank you in advance for helping us reach this goal. Our website is linked to LifeStraw’s foundation that is accepting tax deductible donations earmarked for our project.

See you Saturday, Aug 25 at 11am in Habersham! 

Julie Good