A Trip to Washington and a Visit with Vestergaard

This past week we were invited to Washington, D.C. to meet with the marketing team for Vestergaard (the company who makes  water filtration systems) to discuss our project. Not only did Murphy, Nate and Mom make the trip, but we were able to coordinate schedules so this meeting could happen while the Headmaster for our first recipient school, Rev John Chol Daau and Board president, Barbara Nelson of Good Shepherd Academy were also in town. It made what we have been working toward very real and very urgent. These kids need clean water TODAY, TOMORROW and for YEARS to come. We need to get to our goal of $2500 as soon as possible, so help us by donating directly online through our website www.murphyspuckerup.com and help us get #safewaterforschools. 🍋💖🍋 Humbly, we thank you for your continued support and love!